Video Realia : International Fairy Tales – حكايات عالمية

Fairy Tale 1 : Beauty and the Beast – الجميله والوحش

Fairy Tale 2 : The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids – الأرنب و الثعلب

Fairy Tale 1 : Beauty and the Beast – الجميله والوحش

Beauty and the Beast (French: La Belle et la Bête) is a traditional fairy tale. (Wikipedia)
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Human Rights Miscellaneous Realia Items

The following is a collection of miscellaneous Realia items (with English translation) which reflect the topic of Human Rights in the Arab world.

These realia items were carefully selected to include a wide range of the most commonly used law and human rights vocabulary.

In the events and demonstrations banners/posters realia, they are particularly used in the context of increasing awareness about the situation of Human Rights concerns in the Arab world.

The realia types available in this post are:

  1. Organisations logos
  2. Book covers
  3. News Video Report Realia
  4. Events and demonstrations banners/posters

Links to relevant vocabulary learning resources are listed at the end of this post.


Translate the text/meaning of the following realia items:

  • Book/Journal Cover No. 4
    • What are the main front cover articles?
  • Events and demonstrations banners/posters

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Bilingual En-Ar BBC Radio Programme : Housewives’ Salaries – رواتب ربات البيوت

BBC Arabic (Learning English) has a dedicated bilingual radio programme aimed at teaching English to native Arab speakers.

As an Arabic learner yourself, you may benefit hugely from listening to this interactive programme where the host (an Arabic speaker) interviews a guest (an English speaker) in English about a particular news item. The interview is then interpreted in Arabic immediately by the host.

Read the following article before listening to the podcast:

رواتب ربات البيوت – BBC Arabic – Learning English

Today Louay and Cath talk about housewives. According to a new survey in the UK, housewives would be paid more than the average worker, if they received the going rate for their household chores.
The average annual salary in the UK is £23,700.
An average mum apparently works for nearly nine hours a day, every day, which would mean that housewives could earn almost £30,000 a year.
4,000 housewives were involved in the survey and most of them agreed that successfully running the family home was a full-time job.
The way they worked this out was by comparing the various chores with actual jobs. So for child care they would look at what a nanny would earn; cleaning and tidying would be compared to what a cleaner would get. Other jobs in the calculation included being an accountant and a taxi driver.

Do you think housewives should be paid?

هل تعتقد انه يجب دفع رواتب لربات البيوت مقابل مجهوداتهم لقضاء في الاعمال المنزلية؟

Listen to the programme :

Key Vocabulary:

  • housewives : ربات البيوت
  • the going rate : المعدل السائر – المعدل السائد
  •  household chores : الواجبات المنزلية
  •  salary : راتب
  •  full-time job : وظيفة بدوام كامل
  •  child care: رعاية الطفل – العناية بالطفل
  •  nanny :مربية اطفال
  •  cleaning and tidying :التنظيف و الترتيب
  •  accountant : محاسب
  • taxi driver :سائق تاكسي – سائق سيارة أجرة

Further reading

Housewife ‘would be paid £30,000’ – BBC News

Source of Realia:

BBC Arabic – Learn English – تعليم الإنجليزية


Economic Caricatures كاريكاتيرات اقتصادية – The Economic situation of the Arab World

The following is a selection of caricature that address the topic of the Economic situation of the Arab World. It’s a good revision for your Economic vocabulary.

These caricatures are either insulting or complimentary, can serve a political purpose or be drawn solely for entertainment.

What message is being communicated with these caricatures?

Discuss and share your thoughts for every caricature in the comments section

Caricature 1:

Caricature 2:

More caricatures

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Interactive Virtual Online Arabic Newspaper: جريدة النهار

Annahar (جريدة النهار), a leading Arabic-language daily newspaper from Lebanon, offers its readers a free virtual daily newspaper that you can read online using flash technology.So far, I found this the most authentic and life-like Arabic realia available online for Arabic learners and teachers as well as for native Arabs worldwide.This virtual tool will not only help you improve and perfect your reading skills, it will also keep you abreast of the latest current affairs in the Arab world in particular and international affairs in general.The newspaper content provides fresh and up-to-the-minute news and information for its readers.