Exhibition Poster – His Majesty the King

To make sense of this (Exhibition Poster) realia , read the following invitation:

Camille Chamoun Day in AUB (American University of Beiru)
The Back To Roots club , in collaboration with the NLP students organisation is organizing an exhibition to commemorate the great Camille Chamoun, one of the most distinguised Christian, Lebanese and Arab leaders, founder of the National Liberal party,among the founders of the Lebanese Front and most of all one of the rare presidents who worked for Lebanon’s sake .
A conference entitled ” President Chamoun through his contemporates” will be presented by Dory Chamoun , head of the NLP party and son of President Chamoun … Mahmoud Ammar , Khalil Khalil and Ghassan Tueni will also be present to talk about their experience with Camille Chamoun .
More than 20 political and social figures will be attending this event. Exhibition will continue from Wednesday the 10th till 12th of December 2003 from 9am to 5pm


One thought on “Exhibition Poster – His Majesty the King

  1. I’m afraid I can only guess a small amount of the content of this poster but here goes-

    The first word appears to have the same root as supervisor motshrif and is a verb so am reckoning he supervises. next word …… no idea.

    * Exhibition opening

    *—– The king

    *—-wednesday 10th firstly there’s at 1:00 —- and continues —- —- the university there is first.


    Camille Chamoun

    Word 1 – verb root = formerly. Opening lecture entitled “The great Camille Chamoun from during —”

    *—- —– National labour party

    The international lecturer Chamoun

    Thats it!

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