Human Rights Miscellaneous Realia Items

The following is a collection of miscellaneous Realia items (with English translation) which reflect the topic of Human Rights in the Arab world.

These realia items were carefully selected to include a wide range of the most commonly used law and human rights vocabulary.

In the events and demonstrations banners/posters realia, they are particularly used in the context of increasing awareness about the situation of Human Rights concerns in the Arab world.

The realia types available in this post are:

  1. Organisations logos
  2. Book covers
  3. News Video Report Realia
  4. Events and demonstrations banners/posters

Links to relevant vocabulary learning resources are listed at the end of this post.


Translate the text/meaning of the following realia items:

  • Book/Journal Cover No. 4
    • What are the main front cover articles?
  • Events and demonstrations banners/posters

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Diploma Certificate from the Palestinian Law Council (1948)

Note these key Arabic words :

Government : حكومة

Council : مجلس

Subjects : مواضيع

Internal : داخلي

Law (as an academic subject) : الحقوق

Lectures : محاضرات

Exams : امتحانات

Diploma : دبلوم

Unfortunately, the list of subjects that have been studied by the diploma holder is very small to read. I will copy them (with the translation) into this post in the near future.

Source of realia

معهد الحقوق في القدس – Wikipedia Arabic

Event banner

تقيم مؤسسة المرأة العراقية فرع نيسان
ورشة عمل
العنف الأسري وأثره على المرأة


  • What is the topic of the event mentioned in the banner behind the speakers?
  • What is the name of the organisation hosting this event?



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