Miscellaneous Realia Items from the International Federation of Red Cross – اللجنة الدولية للصليب الأحمر

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  1. Videos Realia
  2. Letter of thanks from the Sudanese Red Crescent
  3. Arabic Red Crescent Logos

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Diploma Certificate from the Palestinian Law Council (1948)

Note these key Arabic words :

Government : حكومة

Council : مجلس

Subjects : مواضيع

Internal : داخلي

Law (as an academic subject) : الحقوق

Lectures : محاضرات

Exams : امتحانات

Diploma : دبلوم

Unfortunately, the list of subjects that have been studied by the diploma holder is very small to read. I will copy them (with the translation) into this post in the near future.

Source of realia

معهد الحقوق في القدس – Wikipedia Arabic