Snow in the the Arab World

These pictures were taken in Ifrane city (nicknamed Little Switzerland) which is a town and ski resort in the Middle Atlas region of Morocco.

I have been to this city as a Scout boy when I was around 13 and I loved it – the white snow – though shocking to find in a Mediterranean country was a lot of fun for me and my friends!
If you happen to visit Ifrane, what you’ll notice about the city is that the streets are very clean, nearly free of crime, and probably the best city in northern Africa . It is only half an hour drive away from the famous city of Fez.

It was founded by the French in 1929 and is probably one of the cleanest cities in Morocco.

Ifrane is located in the heart of a region of Morocco known for its beautiful forests, lakes, mountains, and waterfalls.

Al Akhawayn University, an English speaking private university, which follows an American-curriculum, opened its doors for study in 1995. This helped re-launch Ifrane as a desirable destination for domestic tourism. Consequently, Ifrane continues to develop as both a summer and winter resort.


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Arabic Countires Profile Guide – دليل الدول العربية


These country profiles provide an instant guide to history, politics and economic background of all Arabic countries and territories, and background on key institutions.

They also include audio/video clips from BBC archives.

Each profile has the following:

General introduction

National flag

Political map

National anthem (audio/vidoe)

Political Leadership   القيادة السياسية

Facts & Figures   حقائق

Media  الصحف ووكالات الأنباء /   الإعلام

News Pages/files



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خارطـــــــــة أوروبـــــــــــا – Interactive Map of Europe

European Map

Explore the European Map in Arabic interactivly

What you can see in the map:

  1. Names of European countries in Arabic
  2. Facts & Figures about Europe
  3. For each country:
    • Population -السكان
    • Geography – الجغرافيا
    • Political System – النظام السياسي
    • Economy – الإقتصاد

Explore the map اكتشف أوروبا من خلال الضغط على الخارطة

Source of realia : Deutsche Welle دويتشه فيله

Map of Italy – خريطة إيطاليا



Can you identify the Italian capital and other major Italian cities?

Can you identify the European countries at the top of the map?

Can you identify the two Arabic countries at the bottom of the map?



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