Video Realia : International Fairy Tales – حكايات عالمية

Fairy Tale 1 : Beauty and the Beast – الجميله والوحش

Fairy Tale 2 : The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids – الأرنب و الثعلب

Fairy Tale 1 : Beauty and the Beast – الجميله والوحش

Beauty and the Beast (French: La Belle et la Bête) is a traditional fairy tale. (Wikipedia)
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Classical Arabic Musical Video Realia: “We shall return – سنرجع يوماً ” by Fairuz فيروز

For those of you who prefer to learn Arabic (MSA) through music and song lyrics, here is a classical song by Fairuz along with with English and Arabic lyrics

Fairuz (فيروز‎, ) is a distinguished Lebanese singer and legend.
Born Nouhad Haddad (نهاد حداد‎) in ‘Jabal al Arz’ (‘Cedar Mountain’), Lebanon, on 21 November 1935, Fairuz is known as:
Our (Lebanese) Ambassador to the Stars”,
“The Arabs’ Ambassador”,
“Neighbour to the Moon”,
“The Poet of the Voice”.

Arts & Literature Magazines Realia ٌ

The following realia is a collection of Arts & Literature magazines front covers

V-tivity:  Can you recognise the following items:

  1. The magazine’s name and motto
  2. Front cover articles
  3. Name of Publishing house


Key Vocabulary

Creativity : إبداع

Expression (artistic or linguistic) : تعبير / تعابير

to absorb, understand (learning) : استوعب / يستوعب

Methodology : منهجية

Analysis : تحليل

Characteristic, attribute: ميزة

Generation : عصر

Magazine 1:

More magazines

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Interactive Virtual Online Arabic Newspaper: جريدة النهار

Annahar (جريدة النهار), a leading Arabic-language daily newspaper from Lebanon, offers its readers a free virtual daily newspaper that you can read online using flash technology.So far, I found this the most authentic and life-like Arabic realia available online for Arabic learners and teachers as well as for native Arabs worldwide.This virtual tool will not only help you improve and perfect your reading skills, it will also keep you abreast of the latest current affairs in the Arab world in particular and international affairs in general.The newspaper content provides fresh and up-to-the-minute news and information for its readers.