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If you have any suggestions or recommendations to improve this website – please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Have you come across any interesting virtual realia resources (i.e. digital images) in your learning/teaching of Arabic – if so, please contribute to this website to enhance our database of resources and benefit the learning of the online community.

Also, if you would like to comment on the linguistic accuracy of the written Arabic or translated English – your contributions will be much appreciated.

I’m waiting to hear from you!

شكرا جزيلا


Feedback & Reviews from users

J. Spiller, eLearning Team, Uni. of Edinburgh, 05/05/08

Firstly, I like the way that you have structured the ‘e’ content into v-Arabic, e-Arabic and m-Arabic and so clearly accessing the 3 strands of available online/electronic resources.

The provision of access to virtual realia, and directing learning activities around them, gives students a real sense of the arabic language in real contexts, helping to prepare them for their extended stay in an Arabic-speaking country.

And all integrated around a weekly topic/theme, brings a cohesion to the content as a whole. As someone who spent a year and a half in Cairo and not only learnt a bit of Arabic but was also teaching English, I think this sort of topic-based structure with a clear integration of language learning elements is using ‘e’ content at its best.


Dr. E. Kendall, Uni. of Edinburgh, 07/03/08

I just wanted to say that I thought this activity (Bilingual BBC Radio Programme : Life without TV or Telephone) was really useful. It was great to have the English base to the interview, then to hear it translated into slow and clear Arabic. It was also useful to find a topic relating to our own doorstep! You e-activities certainly make learning a lot more interesting. Thanks also for thinking of the get well soon card. (Animated e-Greeting Cards Realia) These kinds of everyday expressions stick in one’s mind much better for seeing them attached to pictures and learning them in context.

Dr. E. Kendall, Uni. of Edinburgh, 10/03/08

The virtual realia materials you are compiling are excellent. I particularly like this week’s realia, which offer a wide choice (posters, book covers, signs) of real-life situations in which the human rights vocabulary taught might be encountered. This kind of contextualization of classroom work is invaluable. It is extremely encouraging for students to see the words they are learning on paper appear in real life situations.

Unknown, 09/02/08

Wow!!! this is amazing – its like a real virtual newspaper! And the magnifying glass works!! – Interactive Virtual Online Arabic Newspaper

Agree, one of the most useful aural learning items so far. More of the same would be great

Dr. A. Newman, University of Durham, 21/02/08

The students are indeed very fortunate to have these tools! – I think v-Arabic looks absolutely splendid — you can’t buy that kind of publicity! – with warmest wishes


Student from the Uni. of Edinburgh, 29/02/08
I have been raving about this (Arabic-speaking parrots!) to anyone who will listen! Is this really the parrot speaking? This is my favourite Realia clip. I like the way the first parrot inflects the Allahu Akbar, just like the call to prayer

Unknown, 9/02/08
Man i love reading your blog, interesting posts !

Unknown, 05/02/08
I Googled for something completely different, but found your page…and have to say thanks. nice read.

Student from the Uni. of Edinburgh, 14/01/08
Good job mourad – Its a very nicely designed and organised site, easy to use. I translated the welcome as Eid Mabrouk?


9 thoughts on “Feedback & Suggestions

  1. Good generally. Got to watch the image quality on a couple of things – real headache staring at it for too long trying to make out a grainy letter. Great selection of stuff, though…

  2. I love this website! Such an innovative way to help others learn and practice Arabic. I like the use of real posters, articles, adverts, signs from the countries I enjoy travelling to. The mixed use of audio, visual, video makes the learning interesting – I will definately recommend this site to friends and colleagues. Thank you Mourad, for all the time and effort you spent creating this!

  3. Both a good thing and a bad thing is the mix of levels of Arabic in the Realia posted here. Some are extremely simple and suited to a low level of learning and some, especially BBC Extra Podcasts and some videos, are very long, quite fast and rather complicated – much more suited to a higher level of learning.

    Overall the selection is useful but selective use should be recommended, as well as follow-up in the students’ spare time.

  4. I found translating the sense of some of the caricatures quite hard, along with the some of the economics articles. Translating the actual words is not a problem its just making sense of them that is a bit tricky.

    The podcast was very useful to guage reaidng speeds and intonation. It was at times a little bit fast but I guess that’s something to work on myself to get my comprehension a bit faster.

  5. Great Blog! Really enjoyed some of the comments, just dropped by to say hello, look forward to joining in the discussion later.

  6. Mourad,

    Regarding your post of Feb. 18, 2008 titled “International American Companies in the Arab World : Signboards Realia” (or “The McDonaldization of the Arab world”), I’m wondering where I can get hi-res images, and the rights to use them, of your posted images of McDonald’s and Coca Cola signs in Arabic. We’re creating a “book video” for a Moroccan/American writer named Laila Lalami, who’s 2nd book “Secret Son” will be released this Spring. The the story is set in contemporary Casablanca against a backdrop of Western influences that have affected Moroccan culture. Some of the photos of McDonald’s and coke signs would be ideal to illustrate this point. Can you help us track down a couple of these photos? Thanks for your help.

    Nik Ives
    205 Church Street, 3rd Floor
    New Haven, CT 06450

  7. Fantasitic learning resource, informative funny and well over due i am glad i bumped in to your blog and will stick to it until i have grasped the language… shukran. John

  8. Mourad,
    very nice and useful blog… a lot of stuff to read… interesting short stories and books to read…a most useful blog to improve our language power… i think i could visit this blog whenever i feel reading.. Shukran Jazeelah.

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