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Signboard Realia : Egypt – The land of civilization


Map/Poster Realia: Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign Poster Map in Arabic

Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign Poster Map in Arabic
Map, PALDIS for the Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign, March 21st, 2004

“A translation of our english campaign map, this new map created by the Palestine Land Development Information Systems (PALDIS) for PENGON/Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign shows the Wall’s latest path of devastation and ghettoization of the West Bank. Finalized in November 2003, with further updates in March 2004, this map reveals that if completed in its entirety, nearly 50% of the West Bank population will be affected by the Wall though the loss of their land, imprisonment into ghettos, isolation into de facto annexed areas by Israel.”

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Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign Poster Map English Version

Source of Realia

  • Stopthewall.org

Map of Italy – خريطة إيطاليا



Can you identify the Italian capital and other major Italian cities?

Can you identify the European countries at the top of the map?

Can you identify the two Arabic countries at the bottom of the map?



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Maps of the Arabic World – خريطة العالم العربي


This is an Arabic-French map of the Arab world.

Source : facultyfiles.deanza.edu

Source : http://www.khowaga.us

Source : safarfund.org

Note: There is a spellling mistake in (Morocco)

Source : alkarama.org

Map of the Arab World with corresponding country flags

Source: http://www.library.ex.ac.uk

List of countries where Arabic is an official language

The following is a list of 26 countries where Arabic is an official language. Non-sovereign states are listed in italics. Please note that is some of these countries, Arabic is spoken by a minority of the people.

Nr. Country # Population
# 359,288,109
1. Flag of Algeria Algeria 33,333,216
2. Flag of Bahrain Bahrain 708,573
3. Flag of the Comoros Comoros 798,000
4. Flag of Chad Chad 10,146,000
5 . Flag of Djibouti Djibouti 496,374
6. Flag of Egypt Egypt 80,335,036
7. Flag of Eritrea Eritrea 4,401,000
8. Flag of Iraq Iraq 26,783,383
9 Israel 7,184,000 (including settlers and Arabs)
10 Jordan 5,924,000
11 Kuwait 3,100,000
12 Lebanon 4,099,000
13 Libya 6,036,914
14 Mauritania 3,069,000
15 Morocco 33,757,175
16 Oman 3,204,897
17 Palestinian Territories 3,800,000 (WB and GS)
18 Qatar 841,000
19 Saudi Arabia 24,735,000
20 Somalia 9,118,773
21 Sudan 39,992,490
22. Flag of Syria Syria 20,314,747
23. Flag of Tunisia Tunisia 10,102,000
24. Flag of the United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates 4,496,000
25. Flag of Western Sahara Western Sahara 341,000
26 . Flag of Yemen Yemen 22,230,531

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Arab World (Wikipedia)

Source of Realia

  • Exeter University Library (Library.ex.ac.uk)
  • Alkarama.org
  • Safarfund.org