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Event banner

Posted by Mourad Diouri on January 11, 2008

تقيم مؤسسة المرأة العراقية فرع نيسان
ورشة عمل
العنف الأسري وأثره على المرأة


  • What is the topic of the event mentioned in the banner behind the speakers?
  • What is the name of the organisation hosting this event?



  • Share and discuss your answers by leaving a comment in the comments section below
  • To view/download the model answers, go to the download page


6 Responses to “Event banner”

  1. shabana said

    ‘Domestic Violence and its effects on Women’

    Organisation of Iraqi Women

  2. Majied said

    The institute of Iraqi Women, “POW violence and its effect on women”

  3. hilary said

    I agree – domestic violence and its effects on women, held by the Iraqi Womens Institute. I didn’t get the last word there though…

  4. hilary said

    oh and its a workshop – warasha aml…

  5. EdwardP said

    F-r-au-m-ee-san? Feminisim, weirdly transliterated?

    Far3 Misan means Misan branch. It’s not the word Feminism. Mourad

  6. Yael said

    Domestic violence and its effects on women

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