Exhibition Poster – Education

Explore this (Exhibition Poster) realia

Find out the following information:

1. Title of the exhibition
2. Date and location
3. Contributors to the exhibition (listed in the two columns)

Hint: to enlarge the photo: write click on the image > Click on “view image” > Open it > Zoom in by clicking Crtl + (+) or Crtl+ scroll mouse wheel


10 thoughts on “Exhibition Poster – Education

  1. The Annual International Exhibition for Education
    2007, Libya

    participating: universities, colleges, educational workers, educational writers, language teachers and offices.

  2. the fourth international education fair.

    taking place on the 5-7 november 2007 in tripoli

    universities, colleges, schools, language schools, the rest are too difficult to read as they are fuzzy…

  3. Title: Fourth Annual International Exhibition of Education

    Location: Libya

    Date: 5-7th Nov 2007

    Contributors: Universities, colleges, schools, libraries, the office of education

  4. Annual International exhibition for learning Arabic
    Libya November 2007


    – Universities
    – Colleges
    – Schools
    – Language Schools
    – Training
    – Training grants
    – Libraries
    – Studying writing
    – Qu’ranic schools
    – Educational equipment
    – Educational products
    – Educational factors?
    – Educational furniture
    – Training information

  5. 4th__________ international exhibition of learning. (i can’t get the ألسئوي
    5,6,7th November 2007

    contributors: universities, colleges, schools, language schools, libraries. the other 2 something to do with practice?

  6. 1. The annual international ehibition of —- education.

    2. 5th, 6th and 7th November 2007

    3. the university, the college, students, language teachers, training, the library, academic jobs and technological information.

  7. Fourth International Conference on Education

    5-7 November 2007 in Libya

    Universities, colleges, schools, language schools,practices (?), Occupational practices, libraries

  8. National Annual Exhibition for the improvement of education – Tripoli, Libya – to be held on 5 – 7 November 2007, participants include universities, colleges, schools,language schools, other educational forums, libraries and information technology.

  9. Title: The Fourth Annual International Exhibition of Education. (Libya)

    Date: November 2007


    Universities, Colleges, Schools, Language Schools, ? , ?, libraries, Study Books, ?, ? teaching resources, the three teachings, Information Technology,

    I’m struggling a little with the text quality for words whose shapes i don’t already know, as i can’t pick out the letters well enough to look them up… sorry!


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