Bilingual En-Ar BBC Radio Programme : Housewives’ Salaries – رواتب ربات البيوت

BBC Arabic (Learning English) has a dedicated bilingual radio programme aimed at teaching English to native Arab speakers.

As an Arabic learner yourself, you may benefit hugely from listening to this interactive programme where the host (an Arabic speaker) interviews a guest (an English speaker) in English about a particular news item. The interview is then interpreted in Arabic immediately by the host.

Read the following article before listening to the podcast:

رواتب ربات البيوت – BBC Arabic – Learning English

Today Louay and Cath talk about housewives. According to a new survey in the UK, housewives would be paid more than the average worker, if they received the going rate for their household chores.
The average annual salary in the UK is £23,700.
An average mum apparently works for nearly nine hours a day, every day, which would mean that housewives could earn almost £30,000 a year.
4,000 housewives were involved in the survey and most of them agreed that successfully running the family home was a full-time job.
The way they worked this out was by comparing the various chores with actual jobs. So for child care they would look at what a nanny would earn; cleaning and tidying would be compared to what a cleaner would get. Other jobs in the calculation included being an accountant and a taxi driver.

Do you think housewives should be paid?

هل تعتقد انه يجب دفع رواتب لربات البيوت مقابل مجهوداتهم لقضاء في الاعمال المنزلية؟

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Key Vocabulary:

  • housewives : ربات البيوت
  • the going rate : المعدل السائر – المعدل السائد
  •  household chores : الواجبات المنزلية
  •  salary : راتب
  •  full-time job : وظيفة بدوام كامل
  •  child care: رعاية الطفل – العناية بالطفل
  •  nanny :مربية اطفال
  •  cleaning and tidying :التنظيف و الترتيب
  •  accountant : محاسب
  • taxi driver :سائق تاكسي – سائق سيارة أجرة

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Source of Realia:

BBC Arabic – Learn English – تعليم الإنجليزية