Campaign Posters Realia : The “I Love Life” Campaign in Lebanon


Just recently, a political campaign took over most of the Lebanese billboards with the message (I love Life) and other messages in three languages : Arabic, English and French.

The key voabulary you may learn from these realia are:

  • Life : الحياة
  • Debts: ديون
  • Colours: ألوان
  • to live : عاش / يعيس
  • Country/nation : وطن

This is the Campaign’s mission:

One simple question: Is our future destined to be victim to cynicism and apathy, or should broad participation at the grassroots determine our fate?

The I Love Life campaign is challenging citizens in communities across the country to answer this question with every day constructive actions and activities.

We believe that Lebanon stood up to all angst because it has always embraced the Culture of Life. Deprecation is an offense to the civic heritage upon which Lebanon’s democratic republic is based. Indifference cannot solve our common problems; it only demonstrates our disability to function in the public arena, where political speech surpasses the limits of democratic opposition.

The Culture of Life is shorthand for a concept that human life, through all its stages, has to be respected above all.

We understand the Culture of Life, as opposed to the Culture of Death, as a deep, well-developed sense capable of discerning true values and interpreting authentic needs in our communities and society.

We want to take a stand of empowerment and embrace the change towards a new life, towards a fresh perspective that would entail new social and economic norms.

For more information about the campaign visit

More realia images :

I love life with all its colours
Let us live without debts
“I’m Staying Here” (left), in response to a report of Lebanese youth rushing to emigrate – “I have a class” (right)
“I’m Going Out Tonight partying” (right) v.s “I am going to work” (left)
“We are all (in support) for our country/nation”

Download the Arabic wallpaper (PDF)

These two signs are not part of the (I Love Life) Campaign.

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Source of Realia:

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