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“Most Shocking Videos” TV Programme w/ Arabic subtitles

Posted by Mourad Diouri on January 22, 2008

Shocking videos captured in real life from MBC Action

I usually watch this programme on Virgin Channel and they are truly shocking videos.

Hint: Pause the video to read the Arabic subtitles

Source of Realia



2 Responses to ““Most Shocking Videos” TV Programme w/ Arabic subtitles”

  1. hilary said

    الامريكيين مجنون !!

    the arabic subtitles are actually quite good – quite simple language. Although i hope never to need the vocabulary for “rain of whale meat” ….

    I hope not! – I did warn everyone though, that the videos are very shocking, hence the name of the programme (The Most Shocking Videos)
    Minor note: the Americans الامريكيين is in plural (sound masculine plural) – what about crazy مجنون?

  2. hilary said

    اسفة > الامريكيين مجنونين؟

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