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Photo Diaries & Podcasts of Arab Students in the UK and the Arab World

Posted by Mourad Diouri on January 30, 2008


Diaries available:

  1. Nadia Abou-Al-Raghib : My (life) experience between Jordan and Britain نادية أبو الراغب: تجربتي بين الأردن وبريطانيا
  2. Zakariah Isam between his brithplace and his ancestors’ land زكريا عصام بين مسقط الرأس وأرض الأجداد
  3. Yasin Abdullah while he is away from his homeland ياسين عبد الله في غربته
  4. Ahmad Al-Ghamdi – Achieving aspirations أحمد الغامدي: تحقيق الطموح
  5. Helen Torrington: My experience with the Arabic lifestyle هيلين تورنجتون: تجربتي مع نمط الحياة العربية

Find out more :

BBC Arabic


One Response to “Photo Diaries & Podcasts of Arab Students in the UK and the Arab World”

  1. Andrew S said

    She studies at Leeds University in northern England. She’s got dual citizenship. Her mum’s English, and dad’s Jordanian. She spent half her life in Jordan, and half in England.

    Nadia talks about her experiences of driving in Leeds and Oman.

    She loves driving her small car, a Mini. Driving in Oman is quite different. [something about walking here too]

    To what extent is driving different in England to Jordan? We want to hear your views on this.

    [Seems like the Arabic version of the Beeb’s awful ‘have your say’ segments.]

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