Book Realia : Basic & Intermediate Arabic Workbook (John Mace) | Limited Preview

Basic Arabic Workbook: For Revision and Practice by John Mace

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Educational Children’s TV Programmes : Positions in Arabic

The following 2 short videos will help you to review the key words related to positions. (e.g. above, under, around, etc…)
Video Realia 1:
Key Vocabulary:
  • حول (hawla) : around.
  • فوقَ (fawqa) : above/on top off.
  • تحت (tahta) : under.
  • خلالَ (khilala) : through.


  • قريب (qareeb) : near
  • بَعِيد (ba’eed) : far.



Video Realia 2 :

Key Vocabulary:

  • الى (ala) : at, over, on.
  • في (fi) : in.
  • تحت (taht) : under.زورق (zouraq): boat.
  • سمكة (samaka): fish.
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Arabic Podcasts – Masculine & Feminine Plural

Masculine Plural

In Arabic there are certain rules to follow when forming masculine plural.

Fortunately, you have ArabicPod to help explain these rules and make it simpler.

It’s not as easy as changing mu3alim (teacher) to mu3alims, but it’s not difficult either.

If you’re at an intermediate level then join the discussion.

Listen to the podcast – Masculine Plural (Arabic Pod)

Feminine Plural

In this intermediate lesson we teach you how to form feminine plural.

There is a lot of grammar in this lesson and we teach you the rules to follow when changing singular feminine to plural feminine, so tune in and learn how to make Sayara (car) plural.

Listen to the podcast – Feminine Plural (Arabic Pod)

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