Arabic Shop Singboards from Edinburgh City

Post outline

  • Arabic Shop 1 – Red Sea Food Store
  • Arabic Shop 2 – Valley of Jordan
  • Shop 3 – Bismillah

Arabic Shop 1 – Red Sea Food Store

What items/products does the Red Sea food store sell?

There are two spelling/vocabulary mistakes in one of the items listed in the sign – Can you spot the mistake?

I have alerted the Sudanese shop owner who, surprisingly, was not aware of the spelling mistake!

I would encourage anyone learning Arabic in Edinburgh to visit these shops, and practise their Arabic speaking skills with the shop owners/keepers since many are native Arabs.

There is a huge variety of food items/realia that are linguistically and culturally rich in content. You also have the opportunity to interact and communicate in spoken Arabic dialect with the shop keepers. Just be confident when you talk in Arabic, even if your spoken skills are at a beginners’ level.

Generally speaking, Arabs do appreciate the effort taken to communicate in their native tongue.

Other Shops with Arabic realia in Edinburgh are:

Arabic Shop 2 – Valley of Jordan



Valley of Jordan : Directions

Shop 3 – Bismillah


Although the writing is in Arabic, this is actually in Urdu. Notice that this is simply a transcription of (Halal Food Shop) and not the actual translation.

Source of the Realia

  • Central Edinburgh City

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