Arts & Literature Magazines Realia ٌ

The following realia is a collection of Arts & Literature magazines front covers

V-tivity:  Can you recognise the following items:

  1. The magazine’s name and motto
  2. Front cover articles
  3. Name of Publishing house


Key Vocabulary

Creativity : إبداع

Expression (artistic or linguistic) : تعبير / تعابير

to absorb, understand (learning) : استوعب / يستوعب

Methodology : منهجية

Analysis : تحليل

Characteristic, attribute: ميزة

Generation : عصر

Magazine 1:

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BBC News Podcast: Canadian Newspaper bans bad news for one day – صحيفة كندية تنشر الأخبار السعيدة فقط

Pre-Listening task:

To gain some understanding of this news read the following article:

The Calgary Sun newspaper in Alberta, Canada, chose Monday to publish no bad news and made the story of a found dog its front page banner piece.

The tabloid said it was filling the paper with “good news” on a gamble “the news gods would cooperate with us and not deal us any world catastrophes or local tragedies that would elbow for space on Page 1.”

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Economic Caricatures كاريكاتيرات اقتصادية – The Economic situation of the Arab World

The following is a selection of caricature that address the topic of the Economic situation of the Arab World. It’s a good revision for your Economic vocabulary.

These caricatures are either insulting or complimentary, can serve a political purpose or be drawn solely for entertainment.

What message is being communicated with these caricatures?

Discuss and share your thoughts for every caricature in the comments section

Caricature 1:

Caricature 2:

More caricatures

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Interactive Virtual Online Arabic Newspaper: جريدة النهار

Annahar (جريدة النهار), a leading Arabic-language daily newspaper from Lebanon, offers its readers a free virtual daily newspaper that you can read online using flash technology.So far, I found this the most authentic and life-like Arabic realia available online for Arabic learners and teachers as well as for native Arabs worldwide.This virtual tool will not only help you improve and perfect your reading skills, it will also keep you abreast of the latest current affairs in the Arab world in particular and international affairs in general.The newspaper content provides fresh and up-to-the-minute news and information for its readers.

Arabic TV Advert – قناة العربية الاخبارية


What is the main gist of the advert?

Key words:

Ships : (Bawaakhir) بواخر
Ice melting: (Dhawabaan Al-Jaleed) ذوبان الجليد

Oceans: (Muhitaat) المحيطات

Population: (Sukkaan) سكان

Refugees Camp: مخيم اللاجيئين ( also translated as معسكر اللاجئين )

War : (Harb) حرب

Terrorism: (Al-Irhaab) الارهاب

Energy supply: (Imdaadaat At-Taaqa) إمدادات الطاقة

Shipments: (HSahn) شحن
Roasted Chicken!: (Dajaaj Mashwi) دجاج مشوي



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Source of the advert:

Al-Arabiyaa Al Arabiya News Channel ( Youtube)

Magazine Front Cover (Education)


  • Translate the title of the front cover article
  • Translate the 2nd title of the front cover article (at the bottom)



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Read Newsweek (Arabic) online + Download PDF articles of the magazine