Virtual Online Quran : QuranFlash

An interactive virtual Arabic Quran for Arabic learners and native-speakers.

Quranflash provides the Holy Quran for reading in a very unique and easy way, with an interface giving the impression that you really are holding the Quran.

Among the main features of this tool are the following:

  • Increasing the page sizes to make reading easier
  • Rescanning pages of the Quran more precisely to include side information such as page and chapter numbering, as well as chapter names
  • Ability to magnify an area of the page using the magnifying glass
  • Ability to bookmark up to 8 pages from each book
  • Option to select between different books (such as Quran with tajweed, interpretations, etc)
  • Ability to control the pages’ quality and hence downloading speed
  • Ability to change the background image to suit the reader
  • Ability to jump to the supplication page of the Quran
  • Ability to close each book
  • Ability to navigate the Quran using the directional buttons of the keyboard



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Source of Realia:

Quran Flash

Download QuranFlash


5 thoughts on “Virtual Online Quran : QuranFlash

  1. Mashallah…the site content all the islamic information, you name it..and you will get it…thats what i can say..really its too good. The loading part is fast,and the look and feel like book is amazing….

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