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Bilingual Eng-Ar BBC Radio Podcast : Australian auctions entire life on eBay بداية جديدة

Posted by Mourad Diouri on March 18, 2008

BBC Arabic (Learning English) has a dedicated bilingual radio programme aimed at teaching English to native Arab speakers. As an Arabic learner yourself, you may benefit hugely from listening to this interactive programme where the host (an Arabic speaker) interviews a guest (an English speaker) in English about a particular news item. The interview is then interpreted in Arabic immediately by the host.

اليوم في بي بي سي أكسترا إنجليش نتحدث عن رجل قرر بيع كل حياته علي موقع للمزادات علي شبكة الإنترنت لانه يرغب في الإنفصال من ماضيه تماماً و الشروع في حياة جديدة.

In this podcast,Somaya and Doug are talking about making a fresh start.
An Australian man is putting his whole life up for sale on eBay.Normally on eBay people sell small things such as clothes or books.Ian Usher is selling his three bedroomed-house, his car and his job.His friends are also included in the sale.His marriage has just ended and he wants to escape from painful memories. He wants to make a clean break.So how much can he hope to make from selling his life? Bidding starts at $Aus1, but he hopes his life is worth around $Aus 500,000.When it’s sold, he wants to walk away with the money in one pocket and his passport in the other. He’s going to jump on the first plane to anywhere.

Have you ever dreamed of making a fresh start?

هل حلمت في يوم من الأيام أن تفتح صفحة جديدة في حياتك؟

Listen to the programme :
Key Vocabulary

  • making a fresh start : بداية جديدة – صفحة جديدة في الحياة
  • eBay : موقع للمزادات علي شبكة الإنترنت
  • to escape from painful memories :يريد أن يهرب من ذكريات مؤلمة
  • a clean break :تعبير يعني الإنفصال عن الماضي بشكل تام
  • bidding :المزايدة


Source of Realia

BBC Arabic – Learning English – A fresh strat

Australian auctions entire life on eBay – The Telegraph

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