Warning Signs Realia : Danger, Mines, Military Zones & Search Points

The following is a collection of over 10 warning signs realia mostly warning against mines, cease fire, military zones and camels!

Sign Realia 1

Sign Realia 2

A similar sign is shown below

Sign Realia 3

Danger of Mines : Do not go far away from the main roads

Sign Realia 4

Mines and suspicious items are a danger that threatens all of us : Do not try to get close to them

Sign Realia 5

“Warning – this machine is for use against occupation forces only”

Acknowledgment : Thanks Ed for your suggestion to post this sign in V-Arabic.

Sign Realia 6

Sign Realia 7

يلمس means “to touch, put a finger on, etc” not “to damage.” to damage implies that people who mess with fence will get shot at, when it actually tells arabs to not even come within arms length of the fence.
Sign Realia 8

click to enlarge

Sign Realia 9

Sign Realia 10

Sign Realia 11

Sign Realia 12

Easy said (and written) than done !

Sign Realia 13

Sign Realia 14

Official Search Point

Sign Realia 15

Danger Sign

Flickr.com, by Doolee

Source of Realia

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