Bilingual Eng/Ar BBC Radio Programme : Origins of Happiness – أصل السعادة

BBC Arabic (Learning English) has a dedicated bilingual radio programme aimed at teaching English to native Arab speakers. As an Arabic learner yourself, you may benefit hugely from listening to this interactive programme where the host (an Arabic speaker) interviews a guest (an English speaker) in English about a particular news item. The interview is then interpreted in Arabic immediately by the host.

This is the latest BBC bilingual radio programme for learning English. It is hosted by Mr. Louay Ismail, the BBC producer who came to interview us here at CASAW, University of Edinburgh last Tuesday 4th Mar. 2008

The topic of this podcast is very cheerful and nice to listen to : What makes you happy?.

The topic of discussion stems from a recent research carried out by the University of Edinburgh, which suggests that genes ‘play key happiness role’.

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Welcome to BBC Xtra English!

اليوم نتحدث عن السعادة و عن بحث علمي جديد تم إجرائه بإستخدام توائم و يفيد أن الجينات الوراثية تساهم في تحقيق 50% من سعادتنا. و نطرح السؤال: مالذي يجعلك تشعر بالسعادة؟

In today’s programme Doug and Louay talk about happiness.
Scientists at Edinburgh University have been studying identical twins and non-identical twins to see what influence genes have on happiness.
Identical twins have the same genes while non-identical twins are genetically different.
The scientists asked the twins questions to measure how satisfied they were with their lives.
The results were interesting. Identical twins were generally equally happy even when their lifestyles were very different.How can this be?
The scientists have linked certain personality traits with happiness. These include not worrying too much, being sociable and even being conscientious at work.
50% of these personality traits are inherited so the scientists think our genes might contribute to 50% of our general happiness and satisfaction with life.

What makes you happy?

مالذي يجعلك سعيداً؟

Listen to the programme :


Key Vocabulary

  • happiness : السعادة
  • identical twins : توأم متماثل تماماً في الشكل
  • non-identical twins : توأم بينهما إختلافات في ملامح الشكل
  • genes : جينات وراثية
  • genetically different : مختلفين جينياً
  • satisfied : راضياً
  • equally happy : سعداء بشكل متساوي – سعداء بشكل متماثل
  • lifestyles : أنماط الحياة -أساليب الحياة – الطرق التي يعيش بها الناس حياتهم
  • personality traits : مزايا – خواص شخصية
  • conscientious : واع – حي الضمير
  • inherited : ورث

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من قال ان السعادة لا تورَّث؟

باحثون يكتشفون ان العوامل الوراثية تتحكم في نصف السمات الشخصية المسؤولة عن الشعور بالسعادة.

ميدل ايست اونلاين
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