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Bilingual Eng/Ar BBC Radio Programme : Life without TV or Telephone – الحياة من غير الهاتف أو التلفاز

Posted by Mourad Diouri on March 6, 2008

BBC Arabic (Learning English) has a dedicated bilingual radio programme aimed at teaching English to native Arab speakers.

As an Arabic learner yourself, you may benefit hugely from listening to this interactive programme where the host (an Arabic speaker) interviews a guest (an English speaker) in English about a particular news item. The interview is then interpreted in Arabic immediately by the host.

Read the following article before listening to the podcast:
Today Somaya and Finn are talking about two famous inventors from Scotland.
Alexander Graham Bell is credited as the inventor of the telephone. Other people were working speech transmission devices at the same time, but it was Bell who was awarded the first US patent for the invention of the telephone.John Logie Baird is credited as the inventor of the television. Like the telephone, this invention is used by people around the world.But which invention is more important to you? Some of us would say, “I couldn’t live without my telephone.” Others would say, “I couldn’t live without my television.”While others would say, “I could live without either of them!” They don’t think that these inventions are important at all.Would it be a hassle for you not to have a telephone?
Would you be happy not to watch some of the rubbish on TV?

الهاتف و التلفاز تم إختراعهم في إسكتلندا و ملايين من البشر حول العالم يستخدمون كلاهما

إذا كان لديك الخيار لإستخدام أحدهما هل ستختار الهاتف أم التلفاز و لما؟

Could you live without your telephone or television?

هل تستطيع الحياة من غير الهاتف أو التلفاز؟

Listen to the programme :

Key Vocabulary:
  • inventors : مخترعون
  • credited : نُسب إليه
  • speech transmission devices : أجهزة تنقل الكلام
  • awarded : مُكأفاة – مُجازاة
  • patent :براءة الإختراع
  • the invention of the telephone : إختراع الهاتف
  • around the world : حول العالم
  • I couldn’t live without my telephone : لا أستطيع مواصلة الحياة اليومية من غير هاتفي
  • hassle : مُشكلة
  • rubbish : قمامة

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4 Responses to “Bilingual Eng/Ar BBC Radio Programme : Life without TV or Telephone – الحياة من غير الهاتف أو التلفاز”

  1. Laura said

    this was useful, although it would be even better if this was designed for those learning arabic!

  2. Yael said

    I found this really useful… are there more of these we can listen to?

  3. eblaite said

    Agree, one of the most useful aural learning items so far. More of the same would be great.

  4. Virgieuc said

    well done, dude

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