Arabic Newspaper Front Page 1983

(Click image to enlarge)

This is a newspaper realia that dates back to the 80s. (29th Oct 1983)

Due to a lack of printing resources, note that the front headlines were handwritten and the text in the articles were typed with a typewriter


What type of newspaper is this?

Translate the headlines of the newspaper?

Source of Realia:


  1. An assassination attempt on the Iraqi President Saddam Hussein
  2. Iran launches a widespread attack on the Northern Iraqi Front
  3. Iraqi Kurds shot down a Turkish military helicopter/plane and arrested it’s pilot

One thought on “Arabic Newspaper Front Page 1983

  1. difficult to read

    – headline is about president sadda hussein, not sure what exactly it says

    – ‘iran attacks iraqi front’ (?) not sure again

    some seminar involving america


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