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Bilingual Leaflets Realia: Child Care & Development

Posted by Mourad Diouri on March 2, 2008

If you are interested in improving your vocabulary and understanding of Child Care and Development simultaneously in both Arabic and English, then these leaflets might be useful.

The leaflets were written originally in English and then translated into Arabic primarily for UK Arabic-speaking residents.


Screenshot of a sample leaflet

The following “Quick tips” leaflets are available:

Souce of Realia:


2 Responses to “Bilingual Leaflets Realia: Child Care & Development”

  1. sjwalker said

    I notice the translation for baby here is tifl (child) is there a specific Arabic word for baby.

  2. Mourad Diouri said

    Thanks for your commment Saharh.
    Most dictionaries translate (child) as طفل (male) or طفلة (female)
    There is also:
    Suckling baby or infant : رضيع
    Fetus, embryo : جنين
    Son : ولد
    Girl : بنت

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