Book Cover Realia: Oath Betrayed-Torture, Medical Complicity, and the War on Terror

This is a new book on the US war in Iraq published in 2006, which was translated into Arabic.

The editrorial review states:

” The graphic photographs of U.S. military personnel grinning over abused Arab and Muslim prisoners shocked the world community. That the US was systematically torturing inmates at prisons run by its military and civilian leaders divided the nation and brought deep shame to many. When Steven H. Miles, an expert in medical ethics and an advocate for human rights, learned of the neglect, mistreatment, and torture of prisoners at Abu Ghraib, Guantánamo Bay, and elsewhere, one of his first thoughts was: “Where were the prison doctors while the abuses were taking place?”

In Oath Betrayed, Miles explains the answer to this question. Not only were doctors, nurses, and medics silent while prisoners were abused; physicians and psychologists provided information that helped determine how much and what kind of mistreatment could be delivered to detainees during interrogation. Additionally, these harsh examinations were monitored by health professionals operating under the purview of the U.S. military.

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كتاب “خيانة القسم: التعذيب والتواطؤ الطبي والحرب على الإرهاب”, ستيفن هـ. مايلز

Oath Betrayed: Torture, Medical Complicity, and the War on Terror
by Steven Miles
Key vocabulary to learn:
  • Oath : القسم
  • Betrayal: خيانة
  • Torture : تعذيب
  • Medical Complicity : التواطؤ الطبي
  • The War on Terror :الحرب على الإرهاب
There is an Arabic article in”” which elaborates on the stubject of the book.

كيف لطخ أطباء أميركا شرف المهنة في أبوغريب؟

‘خيانة القسم’ يكشف عن تورط الاطباء الاميركيين مع الجنود في الانتهاكات الخطيرة لحقوق الانسان في العراق.

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