Classical Arabic Musical Video Realia: “We shall return – سنرجع يوماً ” by Fairuz فيروز

For those of you who prefer to learn Arabic (MSA) through music and song lyrics, here is a classical song by Fairuz along with with English and Arabic lyrics

Fairuz (فيروز‎, ) is a distinguished Lebanese singer and legend.
Born Nouhad Haddad (نهاد حداد‎) in ‘Jabal al Arz’ (‘Cedar Mountain’), Lebanon, on 21 November 1935, Fairuz is known as:
Our (Lebanese) Ambassador to the Stars”,
“The Arabs’ Ambassador”,
“Neighbour to the Moon”,
“The Poet of the Voice”.
Read the lyrics first and try to understand them before you watch the music video
Pick some words or phrases from the song that you would like to learn.
Arabic Lyrics

سنرجع – الأخوين رحباني

سنرجع يوماً الى حينا و نغرق في دافئات المنى

سنرجع مهما يمر الزمان و تنأى المسافات ما بيننا

فيا قلب مهلآ و لا ترتم على درب عودتنا موهنا

يعز علينا غداً أن تعود رفوف الطيور و نحن هنا

هنالك عند التلال تلال تنام و تصحو على عهدنا

و ناس هم الحب أيامهم هدوء انتظار شجي الغنا

ربوع مدى العين صفصافها على كل ماء وهى فانحنى

تعب الظهيرات في ظلها عبير الهدوء و صفو الهنا

سنرجع خبرني العندليب غداة التقينا على منحنى

بأن البلابل لما تزل هناك تعيش بأشعارنا

و مازال بين تلال الحنين و ناس الحنين مكان لنا

فيا قلب كم شردتنا رياح تعال سنرجع هيا بنا

English Lyrics
We shall return to our village one day
and drown in the warmth of hope
we shall return
though time passes by
and distances grow between us.
O heart don’t drop wearied
on the path of our return
how it wounds our pride
that birds tomorrow will return
while we are still here.There are hills
sleeping and waking on our pledge
and people who love
their days comprised of waiting
and nostalgic songs
places where willows fill the eye
Bending over the water
while afternoons in their shade
drink in the perfume of peace.We shall return
the nightingale told me
when we met on a hill
that nightingales still
live there on our dreams
and that among the yearning hills
and people there is a place for us
0 heart then
how long has the wind scattered us.
Come, we shall return
let us return.
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