Arts & Literature Magazines Realia ٌ

The following realia is a collection of Arts & Literature magazines front covers

V-tivity:  Can you recognise the following items:

  1. The magazine’s name and motto
  2. Front cover articles
  3. Name of Publishing house


Key Vocabulary

Creativity : إبداع

Expression (artistic or linguistic) : تعبير / تعابير

to absorb, understand (learning) : استوعب / يستوعب

Methodology : منهجية

Analysis : تحليل

Characteristic, attribute: ميزة

Generation : عصر

Magazine 1:

More magazines

Magazine 2 :

Magazine 3:

Magazine 4:

Magazine 5:

Magazine 6:

Magazine 7:

Source of realia:


3 thoughts on “Arts & Literature Magazines Realia ٌ

  1. From 2 onwards….Difaf, I’m not sure from Hans Wehr; looks like a cognate of the verb for abundance, awards, etc. Something about beautiful words. 3 – The Word, How to absorb what we read and Characteristics of Arab books; 4 – Creative Expression, magazine for something and creativity; 5 – Reading – spirit of life; 6 – Creative expression Magazine of culture and something; 7 – Umm Kolthoum (the singer) generation from something (I have tried to look up the ‘something’ words in Hans Wehr but have not found words that make sense. I would appreciate feedback on this as it would help me to learn and remember the words.

  2. The name of the magazine is ‘Expression’, the main article is about “Algeria, Arab capital of culture 2007”, secondary heading is something along the lines of what did Algeria so to be capital of culture 2007?

    Can’t really make out the publishing house, Dar maqdama, something to do with introductions?

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