Interactive Virtual Online Arabic Newspaper: جريدة النهار

Annahar (جريدة النهار), a leading Arabic-language daily newspaper from Lebanon, offers its readers a free virtual daily newspaper that you can read online using flash technology.So far, I found this the most authentic and life-like Arabic realia available online for Arabic learners and teachers as well as for native Arabs worldwide.This virtual tool will not only help you improve and perfect your reading skills, it will also keep you abreast of the latest current affairs in the Arab world in particular and international affairs in general.The newspaper content provides fresh and up-to-the-minute news and information for its readers.
How does it work?
The paper appears on a virtual desk which has the following e-tools to help you navigate, highlight and zoom in/out to the newspaper content:

e-Pencil – to highlight and annotate sections of the newspaper that interest you

e-Eraser – to remove the markings you have made with the e-pencil

e-Magnifying Glass – to quickly zoom in when the paper is held at a distance

e-Notebook – which lists all the page numbers, this is useful to navigate your way through the paper or by bypass sections you are not interested in. An abstract of the main news articles appear on the first page with a page number at the end of the article for follow up.

Zoom in/Zoom out buttons – once you have zoomed in to the finer text you can automatically use the hand function to navigate your way around the page.

Screenshot of the the virtual desk which has today’s newspaper (20th Feb 08) and other e-tools


Screenshot of the newspaper zoomed in with the hand function/button


The Newspaper Sections


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An-Nahar النهار
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25 thoughts on “Interactive Virtual Online Arabic Newspaper: جريدة النهار

  1. Headline of an article in Economics section: Hadad exhibits with Sisson in a Lebanese union (collaboration may be better) for the World Trade Organisation

  2. One of the headlines is about the retirement of the Cuban leader, Castro, who step down as the head of the communist party, the commander of the army as well as the head of the national council after almost half a century

  3. Something on page 14 about the Council of International Advisors to the National Bank of Kuwait.

    Something about general information – Ukraine and Lebanon develop their trading relationship.

    Foreign trade shows a rise – 1.8 Billion Dollars a year, 823 million a month.

    That’s all for now.

  4. on p15 under the section entitled ‘financial markets’ there are the following headings:
    – currencies in Beirut
    – foreign currency rates
    – official financial markets
    – rates of financial benefits

  5. -‘electricity: fault in high voltage lines and production groups’

    – ‘external trade appears to be unable to rise: 1,8 billion dollars per year, and 823 million per month’

  6. Page 14
    Right-hand side above the advert.

    Not sure if i really understood this but the gist seems to be something along these lines:

    Hadad explained to Sisoon Lebanon’s accession to the WTO.

    Sami Hadad the Minister of Economy and Trade met with Michelle Sisoon of the US Embassy in Beirut to discuss the economic conditions for Lebanon’s entry into the WTO. He was seeking US help with development of the conditions for Lebanon’s entry as well as advice for the team of negotiators at each stage of the entry process.

    Someone believes that analysts in the Lebanese and in other Ministries of Economy believed the process could continue for 18 months.

    Not sure about the rest of this i’m afraid.

  7. The picture caption says “On the left, President Fouad Siniora, and British Prime Minister Gordon Brown at 10 Downing Street, London, yesterday”. The second part of the headline says something like “Siniora rules out important summit as President of Lebanon”?

    Other headlines on first page: “Solana (javier) in charge of Kosovo – Moscow takes hard line (?) on relations”

    “Some of Lebanon under a white sea of snow”?

    The ‘newspaper sections’ came up blank on my laptop at home, so sorry, I do not know which parts you meant us to translate.

  8. Wow!!! this is amazing – its like a real virtual newspaper! And the magnifying glass works!!

    I’m somewhat astonished to discover theres a lebanese-ukranian workers council, and that their working to develop trade relations!

    Theres a less exciting report of the procedings of The International Advisory Council to the Quwaiti National Bank.

    One of the top stories is about an increase in foreign trade, by 1.8 billion dollars a year, and 825 million dollars a month.

    The other story at the top i’m struggling with a little – Something about Electicity, and wires (possibly overhead wires) and some type of groups….

    Another headline i think may be about a land border, lebanon and world trade but again, theres quite a few unfamiliar words!

    The tables are a little dull, but its quite nice that i understand the headings! (higher, open etc.! )

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