Economic Caricatures كاريكاتيرات اقتصادية – The Economic situation of the Arab World

The following is a selection of caricature that address the topic of the Economic situation of the Arab World. It’s a good revision for your Economic vocabulary.

These caricatures are either insulting or complimentary, can serve a political purpose or be drawn solely for entertainment.

What message is being communicated with these caricatures?

Discuss and share your thoughts for every caricature in the comments section

Caricature 1:

Caricature 2:

More caricatures

Caricature 3:

Caricature 4:

Caricature 5:

Caricature 6:

Caricature 7:

Caricature 8:

Caricature 9:

Caricature 10:

Caricature 11:

Caricature 12:

Caricature 13:

Caricature 14:

11 thoughts on “Economic Caricatures كاريكاتيرات اقتصادية – The Economic situation of the Arab World

  1. 1.- the victim of the economy
    2-In despite of being in heavy debt, he is asking for some new loans
    3- He is telling his friend that “I told you to not play with shares”
    4- some teachers , teaching about the shares, and the possible result of the action !!
    5- he has a share in industry , thus he is going up !!
    6-Whole month the share can go up and up , nevertheless , over night it suddenly can drop drastically
    7-The job of the government is establish strong roots or foundation for the economy
    8-Oil states constitute links or relations with the other oil states
    9-The private sector , the raise of the salaries NOW , the public sector will raise the salaries SOON
    10- teaching about privatisation !!!

  2. The First is a comment on “my famous economy” but i can’t work out what the item is in the centre of the picture – a pipe of some sort?

    The second is a bit more obvious on the state of Arab debts I think! The ‘new loan’ the man is offering is perhaps a little much for the overburdened guy to take?

  3. The first is ‘our famous economy’ a sarcastic comment given the poverty-stricken family. In the second the Arab is struggling under a burden labelled ‘loans and debts’ and the Western businessman is offering more of the same. Not sure yet what the Arab is saying, presumably ‘no more please..’

  4. 1)
    Unpublished economics – talking about the other side (non Gulf, oil wealth) of the Middle East.

    The guy with the big bag of loans is asking the other guy to ‘heal him’ by giving him more loans.

    You shouldn’t play with shares/equities!

    No teachers in Arab schools?

    It’s saying that the Arab arms industry is doing well.

    Shares go up one day, down the next and it’s the ordinary person who suffers in the latter case.

    This is saying something about hidden costs to do with working?

    The doctor can’t choose between the private and the state sector

  5. Caricature 1
    The caricature is an Economic scene

    Caricature 2
    The man carries a bag with ‘loans and debt’ and the other man is giving him a bag with ‘new loans’.

    Caricature 3
    I said to you not to play with shares

    Caricature 4
    Not sure, something about needing some teachers and shares?

    Caricature 5
    Industrial shares is written on the rocket

    Caricature 6
    Market rises in a month and falls in a day

    Caricature 7
    Government employment
    Cost going down?
    Not sure about the other word

    Caricature 8
    Agreement between Syria and Iraq

    Caricature 9
    Tax and citizen

    Caricature 10
    Private sector and Health are written on the boards. Something about the salaries of doctors

  6. Caricature 1: joke on unsufficiency of match
    2: the arab man is holding a large bag of loans, but still wants one more to help him pay the others
    3: wordplay on arrows and shares – both are dangerous

  7. Caricature 1- economic situation. v. witty.

    Caricature 2- debts and loans

    Caricature 3- He told you beware of the shares.

    Caricature 4- something about loosing shares.

    Caricature 5- the shares industry

    Caricature 6- our market

    Caricature 7- governmental jobs

    Caricature 8-

    Caricature 9 – The Nation vs. Tax . Very sharp!

    Caricature 10- Health or private sector

  8. Cariacatures
    1. Economic Scene
    2. Arab man carrying a big sack of loans and debts, Western man with a small new loan possibly a political comment on the West keeping the Middle East in debt
    3.”They said not to play with arrows” (shares)
    5. Man sitting on a rocket that says “industry shares” and he is asking God to protect him
    6. Our Market, rises over a month collapses in one day
    8. Syria making a deal with Iraq (secretly about oil)

  9. OK it just lost all my answers when I tried submitting them but here they are again in brief
    1. ‘Economic scene’ its bad…
    2. On the big bag ‘Friendly loans’ on the small one ‘New loan’ – the government is borrowing too much.
    3. ‘I told you not to play with shares’ (same word as arrows’
    4. ‘Some leaking of stock exchange (lit. hall of shares) information’ (I think?)or is it some informers?
    5. The rocket says ‘Shares of industries’
    6. Going up ‘in a month’ going down ‘in a day’ depicting a crash
    7. Heading ‘Government employment’ on the big roots it says ‘costs’ can’t read what it says on the tree but the costs of the public sactor seem ro far outweigh its constructive production.

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