Arabic Economic Magazines Realia_ مجلات إقتصادية عربية

Investment MagazineActivity:

  1. Translate the titles of the thre articles listed at the top of the magazine cover
  2. Translate the title of the cover article?

Key vocabulary:

الإلغاء : closure, elimination, ending

ملاحية : maritime


What is the magazine’s name?

What type of magazine is it?


1. What is the name of the magazine? (عالم الإقتصاد)

2. Translate the title of the cover article (see text below)


( ( هنا كندا….. حيث الإستثمار الآمن

3. Translate the title of the article at the bottom of the cover (see text below)

    (العلاقات السعودية اليابانية … شجرة عمرها مائة عام)

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    22 thoughts on “Arabic Economic Magazines Realia_ مجلات إقتصادية عربية

    1. three articles at the top are:

      The president: Investment is the development and the working answer to (?)

      Reform begins with finance?

      The 10 best maritime companies.

      The cover article is:

      Successful funding

    2. 1.2 investment, successful founds ! for return or time of ending
      1. The Economic Journal (magazine) of North Africa
      2. it is a scientific journal specialising on government
      The world of economics
      Here is safe investment

      The relation between Saudi and Japan

    3. “World Economy”

      Here is Canada – where investments are safe

      Saudi-Japanese Relations….and the encouragement of general prosperity

    4. Investment

      Successful funds in the face of closures
      1) Investment developments react to ???
      2) Reform begins in finance
      3) 10 Preferred maritime companies

      North African Economic Magazine
      The seasonal scientific and specialised magazine of the government

      World economy
      – Canada – a secure place for investments
      – Saudi-Japanese relations – 100 year old trees

    5. A) 1- *Investment is development: practical response to obstacles

      * The start of funancial reform

      * 10 companies prefer malhyya

      2- Succesful funds face cancellation decisions

      B) 1) North African Economics Magazine

      2) Its a specialised governmental scientific periodical.

      C) 1) world economy

      2) Here Canada.. where investment of Oman

      3) Saudi -Japanese relations- lasting for a hundred years

    6. articles at the top of the magazine, I think…..(from L-R):

      The 10 favourite maritime companies

      Reform begins from money, or finance.

      Investment is development, and the outcome is business profits/proceeds.

    7. THe Investment:

      1) Top Story: Investment is development and the practical response to obstacles.

      2) Suhaybe: Reform begins with finance.

      3) Top 10 Maritime Companies

      Cover page- I’m not sure i understand correctly but i think it says “successful boxes, in facing closure decisions” I think Sanaduck – boxes – may have another meaning! Maybe Strategy?
      Economics Magazine for North Africa .

      A practical periodical magazine especially for goverments.

      1. The Economic World
      2. Here’s Canada – Where Investments are Safe (literally where safe investments
      3. Japanese-Saudi Relations … Tree aged a hundred years (? maybe a metaphor!)


    8. 1 Title – the world of economics
      2 Here in Canada where there is secure investment?
      3 Saudi Japanese relations … the hundred year old tree?

    9. The Investment magazine says something like Savings (literally ‘boxes’, I’m guessing what the real meaning might be, to do with safe deposit, treasury bonds???) a Success: something to do with waves or motion (mouajeha) decisions of closure?
      The small headlines: 1) The president: investment is important and our response is ….? 2) Al Saleh should withdraw capital? 3) top 10 (literally, preferred) shipping companies. Guessing – not sure of the vocabulary.
      Next magazine: Economics in North Africa: periodical science magazine on privatisation and government – what is mohakma doing here -usually means law court?
      Third magazine – title World Economics – next, Canada still a safe investment? next, Saudi-Japanese relations, encouraging experience from 100 years..

    10. Investment Magazine
      1. Translate the titles of the three articles listed at the top of the magazine cover

      official: investment in this development and working on ?
      reform beginning with the financial
      10 liner companies

      2. Translate the title of the cover article?
      Investment funds and closing resolutions?

    11. Investment magazine: Article titles
      1. The top 10 maritime companies
      2. Something about original financial solutions?
      3. The company President: Investment is development and the practical response to —-

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