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Caricature – I am truly sorry oh Arabs! ….. آنا آسف حقا أيها العرب

Posted by Mourad Diouri on February 3, 2008

I presume that the person who is apologising is Mr. Bush- I am not quite sure about the large ears!

Apparently, the apology is not very convincing! – What do you think?  

Source of image: Maktoob (Jokes)


4 Responses to “Caricature – I am truly sorry oh Arabs! ….. آنا آسف حقا أيها العرب”

  1. EdwardP said

    Over here, bush is portrayed as a chimp. Maybe in the ME he’s a donkey?

    Could be a reference to his visit to Saudi recently – a truly craven performance. Check out the Daily Show online for a great video when he’s asked how he’ll persuade the king to lower oil prices.

    “Well, I’ll say, your majesty, Is it possible, maybe, that you could, if you would…”.

    A craven display indeed….

  2. Lucy said

    Is it not Prince Charles? Wasn’t sure about the ears either

  3. Andrew S said

    The ears look a bit Blairite, but Blair is, like, sooo 2007.

    I prefer Steve Bell’s portrayal of dubya http://www.guardian.co.uk/cartoons/stevebell/0,,2240990,00.html

  4. Hilary said

    the ears are indeed strange, but its definitely him from the forehead, the confusion lines are evident!

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