Arabic version of “Who wants to be a Millionaire?” – برنامج مـن سيـــربح المليــون؟

Who Wants To Win A Million? (2 Million Special)          
Hosted by George Kurdahi
The Arabic language version of the international phenomena “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” has taken Arabic viewers by storm, with ratings dwarfing even the most beloved comedy shows and soap operas.  The show continues its ratings streak by offering two million dollars.

Video clip 1

The clip is for one question written as an MCQ (Multiple Choice Question) –

Can you translate the question with the possible answers?

Video clip 2

أول رابح للمليونين 2,000,000 في برنامج من سيربح المليون

The first winner of a 2 millions in ” Who wants to be a Millionaire?”

Find out more

برنامج مـن سيـــربح المليــون؟ – Wikipedia

You can play the game online at لعبة من سيربح المليون بالفلاش


14 thoughts on “Arabic version of “Who wants to be a Millionaire?” – برنامج مـن سيـــربح المليــون؟

  1. where is the highest statue in the world?

    Egypt, USA, Rome, or Japan.

    guy assumes it’s the statue of liberty – wrong.
    apparently it’s in Japan… is it a buddha?

    the other guy wins 2000000 with the correct answer to the question:

    The highest waterfall in the world is…

    Niagara, Iguazu, Keefu(?) or Angel falls?

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