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Postage Stamp – USA Stamp with Eid Greetings

Posted by Mourad Diouri on January 26, 2008

The U.S. Postal Service is expanding its Holiday Celebrations Series with a new stamp highlighting the Muslim holiday of Eid.

The Eid stamp, designed by Zakariya of Arlington, Va., features the Arabic phrase “Eid mubarak” in gold calligraphy on a blue background. English text on the stamps reads “EID GREETINGS.”

The colors chosen for the stamp Eid al-Fitr marks the end of Ramadan, the Islamic month of fasting, prayer and reflection. Ramadan remembers the month in A.D. 610 when Muslims believe that the prophet Muhammad received the revelations from God that would form Islam’s holy book, the Quran.

“This is a proud moment for the Postal Service, the Muslim community, and Americans in general as we issue a postage stamp to honor and commemorate two important Islamic celebrations,” said A.S. Jaffer, Public Affairs and Communications for the Postal Service, who will dedicate the stamp.

“The Eid stamp will help us highlight the business, educational and social contributions of the estimated six to seven million Muslims in this country whose cultural heritage has become an integral part of the fabric of this great nation.”


9 Responses to “Postage Stamp – USA Stamp with Eid Greetings”

  1. Rich said

    Actually I think this stamp is a few years old, from when the First Class postage rate here was just 37 cents (it is now 41 cents).

    Thanks for the comment – much appreciated – Mourad

  2. Jennifer said

    Is greetings card: biTaaqa taHeeya in Arabic?

  3. nice post to read…. See some Eid Mubarak Greetings here…

  4. Todd said

    As a Christian, I am upset. Only in America, the greatest nation in the world, which was founded on Christian beliefs and doctrines, would it be illegal to sell a CHRISTMAS POSTAGE STAMP but legal to sell this. This is a slap in the face of all those who have died in terrorist attacks in the name of Islam. Take your 7 millions (out of the 300 million here) and your “great contributions” to this great country, and go away. FAR AWAY.

  5. Pope said

    It is not illegal to sell Christmas stamps. I have stamps for this Christmas with Mary holding Jesus.

  6. domestic violence against men…

    Postage Stamp – USA Stamp with Eid Greetings « V-Arabic…

  7. ramadan 2012…

    […]Postage Stamp – USA Stamp with Eid Greetings « V-Arabic[…]…

  8. Tami said

    I believe we live in the United States and should be supporting the Americans that we want to employ to boost our economy as AMERICANS.

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