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Arabic TV Advert – قناة العربية الاخبارية

Posted by Mourad Diouri on January 21, 2008


What is the main gist of the advert?

Key words:

Ships : (Bawaakhir) بواخر
Ice melting: (Dhawabaan Al-Jaleed) ذوبان الجليد

Oceans: (Muhitaat) المحيطات

Population: (Sukkaan) سكان

Refugees Camp: مخيم اللاجيئين ( also translated as معسكر اللاجئين )

War : (Harb) حرب

Terrorism: (Al-Irhaab) الارهاب

Energy supply: (Imdaadaat At-Taaqa) إمدادات الطاقة

Shipments: (HSahn) شحن
Roasted Chicken!: (Dajaaj Mashwi) دجاج مشوي



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Source of the advert:

Al-Arabiyaa Al Arabiya News Channel ( Youtube)


11 Responses to “Arabic TV Advert – قناة العربية الاخبارية”

  1. hilary said

    Well…. You see – some chickens are dangerous. This one appears to be responsible for global warming, flooding, Israeli and Palistinian conflict, and terrorism.

    The gist of the advert seems to be a comment on the interconnectedness of world events, and the dangerous of badly planned menu choices. I found the cheery music a strange contrast to the imagery. I picked up the vocab words, but can’t get a cohesive narrative. I suspect it was intended to suggest that this station can show you the connection but i’m not that sure.

  2. shabana said

    er…. the world is a horrible place except for roast chicken?!!!!

  3. Jennifer said

    Food needs transporting. Transport causes the ice-caps to melt. The rising sea levels cause refugees. The refugees become angry. Terrorism then leads to war. Only a chicken survives.

  4. Ben T said

    chicken needs chicken feed which is trransported on ships from brazil, which emit lots of carbon dioxide which causes ice to melt, which causes the ocenas to rise – people are left homeless, go to refugee camps, which causes conflict and those involved in the conflict turn to terrorism which leads to further war until all men are dead.

    then the restaurant doesn’t have chicken anyway. not sure.

  5. EdwardP said

    I think “New World War” was in their somewhere.

  6. اشرف البدراوي said

    انا اعيش في رواندا في وسط افريقيا – وكنت اتمتع بمشاهده قناه العربيه – للاسف انقطع الارسال منذ فتره – برجاء اخطاري بكيفيه امكانيه مشاهده قناه العربيه الاخباريه علما بانني قد حولت باستخدام رسيفر ديجيتال وطبق 180 سم – ولم اوفق

    تحياتي ووافر شكري

  7. نصر الله said

    مرحبا اسمي نصر الله وانا اقطن في بلاد العرب الممتدة من المحيط الى الخليج العربي
    شاهدت قناتكم اكثر من سنة كاملة واستنتجت الاتي
    1-قناة العربية وضعت ندا لقناة الجزيرة
    2وهي قناة عميلة للامريكان بك معنى الكلمة
    3وهدف القناة هو تشويه الاخبار والحقائق بما يناسب مصالح الامريكان في العراق وافغانستان
    4واذا لديكم الشجاعة فانشروا المقالة على الويب

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