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Map of Italy – خريطة إيطاليا

Posted by Mourad Diouri on January 19, 2008



Can you identify the Italian capital and other major Italian cities?

Can you identify the European countries at the top of the map?

Can you identify the two Arabic countries at the bottom of the map?



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15 Responses to “Map of Italy – خريطة إيطاليا”

  1. Majied said

    The capital is روما, some of the countries named in Europe are سلوفينيا سويسرا and فرنسا and the Arab countries are تونس and الجزائر

  2. Ben T said

    ruma – Rome

    flurinsa – Florence

    nabuli – Napoli

    jinwa – Genoa

    bulunya – Bologna


    France, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Albania.

    Algeria, Tunisia

  3. Lucy said

    Rome – ruma, Naples – nabuli, Genoa – jinwa, Florence – flurinsa

    Switzerland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Austria, Serbia, Albania

    Thanks Lucy – What about the Arabic countries? – Mourad

  4. David said

    rwma – Rome
    bwlwnya – Bologna
    nabwli – Napoli
    sardynya – Sardinia
    bari – Bari

    Tunisia and Morocco

    France, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia Herz., Serbia, Albania

  5. Ed K said

    France, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia

    Algeria, Tunisia

    Rome – roma
    Naples – naboli
    Florence – florinsa
    Bologna – bolonea
    Salerno – salerno

  6. Yael said

    Capital = Roma
    Some of the other cities are Napoli, Salerno, Florenca and Bolognia.
    Some of the European countries are France, Switzerland, Bosnia, Serbia and Albania
    the Arab countries are Algeria and Tunisia

  7. Lucy said

    Algeria, Tunisia

  8. Rachel said

    roma – Rome
    napwli – napoli
    baalermo – palermo
    bwlwnya – Bologna
    flurinsa – Florence

    France, Switzerland, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Albania

    Tunisia, Algeria

  9. Jennifer said

    Rooma = Rome
    Baari = Bari
    Naboli = Naples

    France and Austria

    Tunisia and Algeria

  10. Laura said

    Rooma – capital

    Other italian cities: Bolonia (Bologna), Naboli(Naples), Jinwa (Genoa)

    The Arab Countries are Tunisia and Algeria.

    European countries: France, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Serbia and Albania.

  11. Barbara said

    Rome the capital, the Vatican, Napoli, Salerno, Messina, Tarento, Brindisi, Bari, Reggio di Calabria, Florence, Genoa, Livorno, La Spezia, San Marino state, Bologna, Venice, Trieste, Verona, Milano, Turin, Safuna??, and on Sardinia, Porto Turis(?), Cagliari, and on Sicily, Palermo, Catania, Augusta.

    European countries are France, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Hercegovina, Serbia and Albania. Arab countries are Tunisia and Algeria.

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